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 As the magnitude of data to be entered and processed would be enormous and the scheme gets implemented over the years, there would be a need to engage qualified skilled personnel right from the beginning to ensure that the data based computerized systems are operational. Qualified skilled personnel possessing requisite expertise to operate computer programme designed for this purpose, enter, process, analyse, monitor, retrieve and transfer data should be engaged on contract basis as per need. Data provided by the States/Union Territories will be maintained and managed by the Ministry with personnel of similar expertise to be engaged on contract basis. A provision not exceeding 1% of the total budget will be made to meet the administrative and allied costs viz. expenditure of the States/Union Territories for office equipments including computers and accessories, furniture, printing of application forms, advertisement, engagement of personnel, etc. This provision will also be used for evaluation and monitoring of the scheme, through outside reputed institutions/agencies engaged by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India or by the State Governments/Union Territory administrations.

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